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These two poems were published in SHELF HEROES‘ A and B zines about films, they’re inspired by The Aristocats and Bambi.

Thomas O’Malley

Well, we almost
had a father but
instead we have
this father figure
father away, but
still here and
teaching us, so
we don’t have to
know he’s just for
her, our mother,
beautiful and
unsuspecting or
unsuspecting enough 
to attract a
philanderer that
us kittens want
to love.

Bambi Realises That His Mum Has Died

It’s not so much the shot that does it,
but when you turn around and 
see that
you might have been 
running alone 
for a long time.

and when my moth-urrrrr 
fast forwards over death she omits
this stag
that comes down from the mountain 
to declare

that all moth-urrss 
are transitory
and, just this once,
to call me son. 

Salon at The Library- Exchange Book Launch Party!

Here we all are at The Feminist Library for the launch party of Exchange, a collaboration between me and my pal Louise.

Photographs by Morgan Hill-Murphy.

Visit the Exchange site to find out more info, and buy a copy.


Poetry@The Talbot, or Catherine Madden&Friends as it came to be known, was my first venture into organising a poetry evening, and it went very well.

In the photo you can see me, Rory Porter, Alan Zapata and Tracy Mathewson. Johanne M. Hauge also read and we had an impromptu performance from Danny P!

Extra credit goes to Rory and Tracy, as these were their début appearances as poets.

Belated thanks to everyone who came, Nick Tatch for the printing, and The Talbot guys, Clare, Phil, and especially Rich Clarke who is an endless inspiration to us all.



The next event which I am helping to organise and reading at is something, also involving Alan Zapata.

On the 2nd August Alan and his partner Samira are hosting a fundraising even at Dig, Lewisham to raise money for setting up a volunteer project of English teachers for primary school children in a small village in the Amazon.

See here for more details about the project and this particular event. Sneak peek – it will involve barbecued fish.

Last month in London: raging feminist hardcore, molotov cocktails, screen printing all nighters, IWD house show & zine and leaving my beloved castle.

Thanks for the nice words Ren.
Keep on having fun in Hamburg!

Ren Aldridge

I’ve just moved to Hamburg to take up an Artists Residency at HFBK through the Art School Alliance. I’m so excited by the amount of space I have here! Really inspired. Before I dive in here I want to catch up with this blog as I’ve found the process of writing it so far really helpful for sorting my head out and being able to articulate the mush in my brain.

The main event for me in the past month was finally releasing the Petrol Girls EP digitally on bandcamp and as pre-order 7″ vinyl. We’re so proud of it. Jack did a fantastic job recording us – it sounds really professional despite everything (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!) being recorded in Astbury Castle – drums in the kitchen and everything else in the bedrooms. Its available online now but the hilarious EP trailer that Liepa made is still well…

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