Exchange is a collaborative project between me and designer Louise Evans; a book of ten illustrated poems, written, illustrated, printed and hand-bound in London by ourselves. It was included in It’s Nice That’s Things in November 2014.

Some poems from Exchange:


Here he is
alive and pleased
with me, with this
my room. He likes
the books, my way
the light is calm,
milky, “So”, He
says, looking
licking his lips,
hands on hips
“Is this how you 
live now”
“Yes” and I don’t 
smile, “This is the future.”

These Mountains

There is something not calm about me
which panics every sunny day and
bullies every bird song
into a shrill shout for more
excitement, more satisfaction, now!

I can’t write about these mountains,
they make me scared, like a
short walk, through 
the countryside is tipped
with the menace of it
not being a different time
with other people.

I feel sick when I see
these mountains, their image
printed on a postcard
stuck on the wall of my Mother’s House
which isn’t my Dad’s.

Sick, like it’s summer and

I should be outside, sick
like there’s someone I love
here and we’re kissing so
I should enjoy it.

That happiness is not as raw tasting as want,
or as sharp as regret is why 
I can’t write about these mountains and
why I’d recommend trying drugs.

I Don’t Usually Brush My Hair 

She’s like him to
hold her 
just her;
no clothes.
She likes his hands
his arms, his back.
she’s seen his back
it’s like a baby’s
milk and smooth but
with a man on top.

She’d like to hold him back.
“I’d like to stop this.”

but what if he brushed her hair,
like a woman might?
what if her hands broke
and in her room
he helped her
brush her hair, but
“I don’t usually do this.”
and her hands start to move?

In this room
she makes her
boyfriend cry.

In his room,
he is crying.
Photograph by Louise Evans.