The New Job

Hey!  My short story The New Job is in Not So Popular’s latest zine Objects.

Also in there are some great poems by Jo Hauge, who is one of my faves.

The New Job

We were just there because it was a busy time for the place, and the others had gone away, for a bit. They didn’t like me because of my habit of putting whatever I could get my hands on, in my mouth. This included things like staplers, the tickets and once the tanned, American hand of the C.E.O. Everyone laughed at me about this last incident especially.
The bosses said that if I carried on doing this they might have to let me go. I had let them down; I had lowered things. I wasn’t particularly worried about this, as I didn’t believe them for a number of reasons. I knew that they only needed us new people temporarily and that they’d hired just enough of us for the company to survive, with no-one left over. Still, it was a shame. I didn’t have many friends at work anyway because of my loud feminist critique and the way I rolled my own cigarettes. Hand to mouth.
I was paid every month for three months. In the third week of the first month I came on my period. I had to decide whether to buy tampons or breakfast for the next week.
When I was crying in the kitchen you came in and looked at me.

“Why have you got those tissues in your mouth?’

Now, I was embarrassed about everything. I tried to hug you, but you wouldn’t let me because, really, you know what I’m like.


Salon at The Library- Exchange Book Launch Party!

Here we all are at The Feminist Library for the launch party of Exchange, a collaboration between me and my pal Louise.

Photographs by Morgan Hill-Murphy.

Visit the Exchange site to find out more info, and buy a copy.

Exchange Book Launch Party!

About six months ago, my friend Louise Evans and I decided to “do a book”.  She sent me five pictures, which I responded to with a poem, and I sent her the same amount of poems, which she illustrated. We called the end result Exchange.

We’ve printing them, binding them by hand, and having a super cool launch party at The Feminist Library on 13th September, as part of their Salon series. 

They’ll be copies of Exchange to buy, and readings from me, Johanne Haugue, and Tracy Mathewson. Tracy will also be playing some accordion music, and they’ll be refreshments, and the library’s amazing book shop will have a stall.

Entry is by donation, with £3 as a suggestion. 



Poetry@The Talbot, or Catherine Madden&Friends as it came to be known, was my first venture into organising a poetry evening, and it went very well.

In the photo you can see me, Rory Porter, Alan Zapata and Tracy Mathewson. Johanne M. Hauge also read and we had an impromptu performance from Danny P!

Extra credit goes to Rory and Tracy, as these were their début appearances as poets.

Belated thanks to everyone who came, Nick Tatch for the printing, and The Talbot guys, Clare, Phil, and especially Rich Clarke who is an endless inspiration to us all.



The next event which I am helping to organise and reading at is something, also involving Alan Zapata.

On the 2nd August Alan and his partner Samira are hosting a fundraising even at Dig, Lewisham to raise money for setting up a volunteer project of English teachers for primary school children in a small village in the Amazon.

See here for more details about the project and this particular event. Sneak peek – it will involve barbecued fish.